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Passwordless: La Evolución de la Autenticación Digital

Biometric authentication without password to face identity usurpation and data violations.

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Access without password and biometric security

Our technology is based on biometrical patterns of high security. This means that only those entities that need to have access can do it.

Face Identity Fraud

Stop identity fraud, a global problem that affects both, individuals and organizations.

Data Protection

We do not store biometric data, guaranteeing the integrity and the privacy of data subjects.

Priority Privacy

We prioritize privacy, offering a safe experience without compromising the confidentiality of information.

Cases of Specific Uses of Passwordless

Health Services

  • Our solution guarantees the efficient identification of patients and staff in each stage of the medical attention cycle.
  • Biometric verification is made easily through users’ mobile devices.

Financial Services

  • From online to mobile applications and physical branch offices, our solution provides safe access to all the conduits.
  • This fosters safer financial services while, at the same time, offers an obstacles-free experience to clients.

Characteristics of the solution of passwordless authentication

Technology and adaptability

Take advantage of the mobile devices used by your clients and incorporate the solution, through the API connection to the system, portal or central application.

nivel de seguridad

Security levels

Our technology employs cutting-edge security measures to guarantee the immutability and integrity of the data registries.


Implementation process

Building on the definition of the system that will be integrated, within weeks, you can have the system ready and operating in full capacity for all your users.


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