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Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI), essentially, is based on algorithms known as generative models. These models share the following characteristics:

Neural networks:

Inspired by the characteristics that define the human brain, neural networks are composed by nodal layers that process and transmit data.

Adversarial generative networks (GANs)

As key elements of GAI, generative adversarial networks are composed by two networks: one generator (data creator) and the discriminator (data evaluator). These constitutive elements work together to generate high-quality data.

Benefits of using Generative Artificial Intelligence


Advanced personalization through deep learning

Deep learning, being a subset of machine learning, is fundamental to achieve personalized experiences for users. This quality is achieved using principles like:


Content creation beyond text

GAI goes beyond the simple generation of text, amplifying its capacities through:

pruebas A/B

Transformation of A/B tests and optimization based on data

Website testing with GAI evolve thanks to the following qualities:


A new SEO paradigm

The emergence of GAI has changed the SEO strategies thanks to:

Inteligencia artificial generativa

Challenges and considerations related to GAI

Despite its potential, we can face some challenges:

  • Algorithmic biases: Generative models can incorporate biases from the training data set, affecting the quality and relevance of the content.

  • Informatic resources: High end models require a substantial amount of computational power.

  • Over-adaptation of data: GAI could generate web sites that could be too specific or irrelevant if they are not managed appropriately..

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