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Blockchain for Companies: Transforming Trust and Efficiency in your Business

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How does blockchain for companies work?

This innovative solution is based on a distributed, shared and immutable ledger that empower companies to materialize transactions safely and with transparency with trusted partners.

cómo funciona blockchain

All the transactions are validated only after all the nodes involved in the agreement have reached a consensus; thus, securing the integrity of data.


Each approved transaction is replicated automatically among the distributed ledgers, creating a shared “trusted reality”.


Once the transaction has been recorded in the chain, it cannot be eliminated; thus, creating a permanent and trusted registry.


All the authorized entities will have access to create and consult the blocks in the chain, verifying the security of the information.

Benefits of Blockchain for Companies

Discover how blockchain can transform your business and unleash a new level of trust and efficiency in your operations.

Safe and transparent transactions increase trust among the involved trusts.

The removal of intermediaries and the automation of processes derive in greater efficiency.

Blockchain technology is highly scalable and it can be adjusted to the needs of any industry.

Data is protected and it can be accessed only by authorized entities.

Blockchain applications for companies

Blockchain is changing multiple industries, from the monitoring of supply chains and food distribution to financial services and retail commerce.

Blockchain guarantee safer food

Discover how producers, processors, distributors and retailers make food safer and increase its shelf life.

Blockchain tracks each step of your shipment

Blockchain helps senders, ports, customs services, logistic services providers, insurance companies among others, to manage their documents.

Blockchain distributes trust everywhere

Blockchain can improve trust in a new level helping the parties involved in a transaction to validate and share records of transactions that are immutable in a distributed ledger.

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