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Our pentesting strategy

In SOLDIG we offer consultancy services of pentesting that is defined by its meticulous and precise focus.
Our team coordinates an improved work to exploit vulnerabilities in web and mobile environments,
guaranteeing the security of your company, preventing potential intrusions in the future.

Impact of the pentesting tests

Armored infrastructure

Our constant research routines can be measured with technology and alignment, allowing crucial work flows to be more efficient. With a focus on the identification and risk mitigation, we improve the digital infrastructure against potential attacks and financial losses.

Scenario Analysis

We employ mapping tactics to identify robust risks to stop intrusions and prevent financial losses to companies. Our focus on the proactive identifications guarantees that your company will be ahead in the fight against cybercriminals.

Automated Operation

We have the most efficient identification and exploitation of access to data and passwords systems and practices, and non-standard routes to identify vulnerabilities. Our automated operation guarantees an exhaustive evaluation of the security of your company.

Complete report

Our pentesting consultancy not only identifies vulnerabilities, but also presents a complete report that describes the weaknesses and the potential risks that your company faces. This report is essential to empower your company in the protection of your digital assets.

Benefits of our pentesting services

Breach closing

Preventing intrusions and bugs, promoting the constant development of products and services

Sound Tests

Our pentesters perform various intrusion simulations, including White Box, Black Box or Grey Box services.


With comprehensive test diagnostics, we provide your company with greater security and confidence in the integrity of your operations.

Network Mapping

We map your company's network through analysis based on wireless networks, internal networks and external tests to detect and correct possible cyber attacks.
pruebas de penetración

In an ever-changing digital world, the security of your business is critical. Our Pentesting Consulting is designed to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure, giving you the peace of mind and confidence you need to deal with ever-evolving cyber threats.

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