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DevSecOps: propel the security and efficiency un your development

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What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is the organizational philosophy that looks for the empowerment of work teams through the automation of processes, technology integration, change observability and security implementation in all the stages of the software lifecycle.

In SOLDIG, we embrace this methodology in an agnostic basis. This means that we guarantee the orchestration and integration in both, small and big processes, with the aim to create a positive impact on the three cornerstones of software: its development, its deployment and its operation.

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Benefits of DevSecOps

Major Efficiency

Guarantee the delivery of software in an agile manner, keeping the focus on the korw teams, automating processes and setting short development collaborative cycles.

Improved Collaboration

Accelerate the development and the delivery of software, reducing costs and time while you improve the quality of the products.

Improved Security

Protect the applications, identifying security breaches and/or infrastructural deficiencies efficiently, without affecting their operation.

DevSecOps beneficios

Our DevSecOps Solution

In SOLDIG, we offer individualized DevSecOps solutions to satisfy your specific needs. Our methodology includes:

DevSecOps solución

Integration of methodologies, tools and technologies within CI/CD pipelines with the aim of automating all the “release management” in the organization.

We integrate test files into the pipelines looking to identify the functionality of the new deployments automatically.

We identify vulnerabilities during the development, monitor and expose the infrastructure in different stress scenarios, while we monitor the applications in production.

Integration of monitoring systems and technologies to increase visibility and put in place automated “rollback” procedures.

Developments based on the best practices and aligned with the best standards in force for audit and quality product.

Why choose us

In SOLDIG, we have a team of experts in DevSecOps with ample experience in the industry. Our solutions are backed by a proven successful history in the implementation of DevSecOps in companies of different sizes in different industries. We work in collaboration with you to assure the safety, efficiency and preparedness of your applications for your digital future. 

Do not wait. Contact us today to discover how DevSecOps can transform your business and protect your digital assets while you foster the efficiency in software development.

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